Woodall You Could Ask For

About a year ago my college roommate Jeff Woodall contacted me out of the blue - the power of the internet at work. In college, our little house was far enough from NC State to not be a frat, but close enough to act like one. We had a great college time!

Treat, I'm talking now. This will be profound.

Jeff and I lost touch for ten years, but reconnecting with him has been one of the great personal rewards of founding SightSpeed. Were it not for all the media attention, Jeff and I might have never reconnected. Thanks media!

I visited him recently at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. After I was done extolling the virtues of SightSpeed's software, he felt compelled to create the Jeff Woodall introduction video mail. It was like Night Owl all over again.

For those of you who don't know about Night Owl at NC State (i.e. everyone) it was the nickname for the late night dining option on campus at the time. In 1991, that meant you listened to Nelson as you scarfed down the evening's chili/pizza/frutti pebbles/potato option well after normal dinner hours. Somehow the memories of the experience are more endearing than they seemed at the time. The years have that impact, which allows Jeff and I to reminisce and laugh our heads off about those days. Go 'Pack! Go N'Owl!