MySpace and Me

I have been messing around with MySpace; me and everyone on the planet under age 25 that is. I’ll admit that I haven't quite figured it all out. Since I did notice that most people have at least one photo of themselves where they are holding the camera at arm’s length, I figured I would do the same with a video message.

What are you kids up to now?

Poking around MySpace made me feel old. What are these kids doing? Is everyone online Goth? Can no one get a friend to take their picture? Who are these random people that are asking to be my friend? (Go ahead and ask, I always say yes)

I figured I had to get techy, so I added this video mail message to my page, and I even got extra tricky by adding animated text from If you want to see my page, click here. I may still not be very goth, but at least I have letters that



Anonymous said…
the whistle goes wooooo
Chance said…
Hi Brad:

Well I'm G4'd and up and running as chance9 @ sightspeed. Lovely - wow. The real McCoy. Enjoyed the MySpace comments - and no not everyone is Goth. I am, however, an aging hippie! (definitely Greenwich Village 1960 something)... ah were at Cornell too. ah haaa Best wishes...will run into you eventually.