DonorsChoose can get it done for you

In a brief diversion from SightSpeed , I want to talk about a wonderful organization called DonorsChoose. is a website that allows people like you and me to fund projects that make meaningful impact on public schools.

I recently funded a project to send local first graders to the Berkeley bird aviary. The project cost was $150. Normally, a $150 donation is ignored and dumped in the the eponymous "General Fund". DonorsChoose is different. The teacher and students sent me thank you notes, photos, and drawings from their trip. With DonorsChoose, I get to know that I made an immediate and relevant impact.

According to their letters, the highlight of their trip was seeing a blue heron. One student really drove it home in her thank you letter:

"Dear Mr. Treat, Thank you so much for funding our field trip to the Berkeley Marina. I learned a lot about birds nests and bird eggs. My favorite part of the trip was when we saw a great Blue Heron. I really like birds. Sincerely, Maria" (with a ♥ dotting the i)

You are welcome, Maria.